Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Need to Wait Brilliant Idea, ACTION's Business Ideas There Now!

Try to ask your child who just entered this year's primary school. Ask, what his goals? I'm sure the answer comes out is the doctors, pilots, ministers or even presidents. They always dream big things.

But now try to ask yourself what your business plan? Does the nature of the answer is the same with your kids?

Of course not. The children answered carelessly, are you usually answer as reality.

A businessman had to be realistic. Many people, I hope you are not one of them, always dream big ideas. For example, he wants to increase sales of 100 times a day.

Such desire often make you get stuck on the big ideas syndrome without ACTION. You are easily swept up high will make it happen without effort. The syndrome is dangerous because it can make you daydream, even "flying" floated too long and did not set foot on earth. And it could be the cause of the failure of your Internet business.

Increasing sales, let alone 100 times as much was the desire of all Internet businesses. But if you want it in a day, that's not realistic. Far from increasing 100-fold, twice the glorious enough.

How to not get stuck on the big ideas are empty like that?

Now, try to write your wishes in the coming week. From the wish list that you may find some unrealistic desires. Jump scrap it! Leave the things you think you might achieve.

Next, look at the remaining desires. Where can you get in the nearest time, today or tomorrow. Prioritize activities most likely you realize. Detailed goal by small plans. For example, you want to have a successful blog spectacular, start with the blog.

Well, do it on your desires others. Make small plans that detail to get it.

Simple ideas that you find when you make plans very valuable. Do not underestimate the idea suddenly occurred to you. If the idea was quickly you do, be sure one day can turn into a very big idea to make money.

This small sample is often experienced by people. While sitting at the table, or enjoying a cup of coffee, suddenly wants to send an email to an acquaintance bidding. When the idea was passed, many people do not follow up with action. "It could be done later or tomorrow, tomorrow," maybe he thought.

When an idea across, it was actually the beginning of the tens or hundreds of other ideas. If you execute the first ideas, ideas that others will come. Although initially you just want to send emails offering, many great ideas behind it.

But because the ideas that come to you not immediately executed, the idea lainpun die. Very fond of you?
Well, you then promised she would not waste ideas. But sometimes an idea comes when you're busy.

If that's what you're experiencing, make small notes. Write down any ideas that come to you. Could the paper, blocknote, or phone. Keep records carefully as you save money. Because the idea as valuable as money. Then when you have spare time, immediately ACTION. Make a simple idea as a way to change your fate forever better.


quoted from : http://www.jokosusilo.com/2009/01/22/tak-perlu-tunggu-ide-cemerlang-action-kan-ide-bisnis-yang-ada-sekarang/

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Virtual Cash Services

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